Getting Around Cairo

More than 15 million people live in the city of Cairo and the city offers a very efficient transportation system to cater to their needs. The system consists of a comprehensive road network, a railway network, metro bus and ferry services. Cairo is at the heart of the Egyptian transportation network. The streets of Cairo are full of taxis that generally don’t use meters, even if they have one.

Fares are usually negotiated upfront. While the bus and minibus services in Cairo are an excellent means of getting around for locals, they are not recommended for tourists, as pickpockets often operate on these services. You also need to be able to speak Arabic in order to navigate your route. Travelling by the local Metro system is by far the best way to travel around the city. Walking is also a good option, but streets are not named and it is easy to lose sense direction.

By Metro

MetroThe Metro system in Cairo is Africa’s only developed metro system. It is a clean and efficient service that currently runs two lines and has a third in its advanced stages of construction. There are stations located throughout Cairo. The Metro is operated by the National Authority for Tunnels and on every train; the first car is reserved strictly for women. The Metro runs from 05:30 to 24:00 every day, with services extending to 01:00 in the summer. Trains run every 5 to 6 minutes during peak hours and every 8 to 10 minutes at other times during the day.

By Train

Cairo is connected to many other Egyptian cities and villages by the national rail network. Cairo’s main railway station, Ramses Station, is located on Midan Ramses. Tourists are advised to travel on trains that have guards for their own personal security.